Prof. Gyampo Calls On President And Appointees To Show Us Proof Of 30% Salary Cut

Speaking on Joy News, Professor Ransford Gyampo of the University of Ghana’s Political Science Department has challenged the first gentleman of the Republic of Ghana to show us proof of salary cuts, as he stated during the Eid-ul-Adha gathering at Accra’s Independence Square.

The president said:

To give us the room to navigate the choppy waters of the current economic troubles, we must all make some sacrifices.

“Ministries, departments, and agencies have reduced their spending by 30%.” All appointees, including myself, have had their wages cut by 30%. Other expenses have been stopped, and fuel coupon allocations have been cut by 50%.

However, Professor Gyampo speaking on Joy News said:

“Since statistical computation and data are protected in our nation, it is a bit controversial when certain individuals talk about percentages,

“What is the proof that the President’s and his appointees’ salaries have been slashed by 30%?” I believe that simply informing us that these officials’ wages have been slashed is only for the cameras unless we are given the opportunity to view their pay slips.

My argument is that many politicians are aware that Ghanaians do not care to verify some of these claims, so they can come out and say we have decreased our wages by 30%. They approved the E-Levy, and now they are talking about the IMF.

“I believe that informing us that your income has been decreased by 30% is just propaganda and something that is presented to cast doubt in the public’s eyes, unless we have access to these politicians’ pay slips and salary advice.” Let’s look at the pay stub so we can compare before and after and understand the claims.


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