Princess Shyngle Takes A Break From Social Media

Gambian born Ghana based actress, Princess Shyngle has finally decided to give her followers some breathing space by taking some time off social media to deal with herself.

According to the coca-cola looking actress, Princess Shyngle, she is taking the break because she has some real life issues to deal with.

In the post sighted by, Shyngle asked her fans and followers to help her pray so she overcomes what she is going through.

Shyngle shared a photo with the caption, “This is for all my real and genuine followers, I love y’all so much and I’ll be back soon ❤️❤️❤️ I’m broken and in serious pain and I need time off to heal right now 🙏🏽”

Well, the photo she shared also had the inscription, “I’M GONNA GO OFF SOCIAL MEDIA FOR A WHILE. I’m going through some real life issues right now and I need a break to get myself together. I love y’all and pray for me

At the time we were putting together this report, Shyngle had deleted all her posts from Instagram.

We believe she is going through a lot,

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