Princess Shyngle Announces Her Return To The Classroom – SEE WHY

Gambian born – Ghana based actress, Princess Shyngle has hinted on going back to the classroom for a perfect reason.

Guess what, the actress has announced that she will be going to a film school in summer to perfect her acting skills.

The actress took to her Instagram page to post a scene from one of her movie roles where she played “side chick” to a married man.

The post sighted by came along with the caption;

Every time my movies are in Cinemas I always disguise myself and go to the cinema to watch with the audience without them knowing I’m there just to see how they react to my acting and my scenes and so far it’s been very positive 
 I love how I entertain people and make them laugh with my talent 
 I can’t wait to start film school this summer and perfect my craft 
 God has been God 
 enjoy this short clip I recorded in the cinema y’all

I, for once, support this bold step that the actress has taken to up her acting game and reach for the ultimate.

Go girl!

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