Princess Shyngle Puts Nude Body On Display; Fans React

Ghana-Gambian actress and entrepreneur, Princess Shyngle, has fed the eyes of her 995k Instagram followers.

The actress, in a latest post she shared, put her nude body on display while dancing seductively.

But for a tiny black pant she wore and her hands covering her raw breast, she would have given her fans a ‘free show’.

Despite attaching nudity to her brand, some of her followers have described the post as obscene and an image unworthy to be in the public domain.

Others have drooled over her hour-glass figure and her bouncing backside as they energise her with love and fire emojis.

Instagram community regulators have taken the side of the naysayers as the post has been taken down for violation.

The post has been described by an expression of disrespect to others and a breach of adult sexual solicitation guidelines.

Princess Shyngle has fumed against the community regulators for taking down the video she claims is better than many others have shared.

“Really IG I’ve seen people posting worst and y’all didn’t take down their post,” she wrote.

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