Multiple award-winning Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei who recently suggested that John Mahama’s candidature for the presidency is an insult to Ghanaians.

Has issued a strong warning to fanatics of the NDC party to cease the endless insults they are heaping on him on various social platforms or he will defend himself with all the weapons he has

In a tweet sighted by staff at, its okay for people primarily loyal members of the NDC political party to disagree with him because Ghana is a democratic country and we all have different views and opinions.

But trying with all their might to roast him and additionally fire hot missiles at him will cause chaos and fierce retaliation from him.

In prince David Osei’s own words ;

“To my brothers in the NDC who do not agree with me on my view on issues, it is alright not to agree, you at liberty not to agree or accept everything I say. However, if you attack me will defend myself with all I have, the past few days I have endured enough of your threats, insults and attacks.

We live in a country where the law works?? So before you foolishly come to attack me, because you fighting for a man who don’t even know you exist all in the name of “party faithfuls” just so you know , I am equally not soft like that.

I grew up the hard way in kokomlemle, tiptoe lane, nima and adabraka .. Stardom is what has humbled me, my other side not good at all.. So pls let us all respect ourselves and love our ourselves you can agree to disagree with me, that is the beauty of democracy.. But don’t threaten me or attack me, for you might be shocked at how I will defend myself????Thank you ? Gm”



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