“Pray For Shorter Periods And Work More” – Akrobeto To Ghanaian Youth

Ghanaian actor, Akwasi Boadi popularly known as Akrobeto has sent a word of advise to Ghanaian youth.

According to him, the youth of today should focus on working hard than spending more time praying.

The veteran actor added that a lot of people who are poor accuse their mothers of being witches and reason behind their poverty.

He also said no rich person has ever accused his mother of being witch.

The actor and TV presenter, believes there is more to life than excessive praying.

“Pray for shorter periods and work more. There is no rich man or woman whose mother is a witch. It’s only mothers of poor people. If you work hard, you’ll not say your mother is a witch. So, all I’m telling you today is that pray but don’t waste all the time praying. Rather invest more time into working so that you can make money to help others.”

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