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Popular fetish priest arrested after tasking his client to bring him a newborn for money rituals



A popular native doctor in Kano-Nigeria has been apprehended by the Kano State Police Command for allegedly trying to use a newborn baby’s eye for money rituals.


 Yahaya Shehu, 60, was arrested last Monday after his client reported him to the police.




According to Kiyawa the DCOP of Kano Police command, the suspect was arrested after Kabiru Sani reported that the native doctor had promised him N8m and a car if he’s able to provide a newborn baby for the rituals.




After Sani went to the native doctor for medication, he then prescribed something for him and ordered that he mixes it with his urine and bathe with it for three days. Upon his resumption after the three days period, the doctor still gave him some water to be used, which made him to start misbehaving and doing anything the native doctor ordered him to do, until the day he asked him to go and bring a new born baby from his relatives whose left eye is to be removed for ritual…


This was what prompted him to meet his elder sister pleading with her to sacrifice her son for the ritual which he said is for one soldier. It was at that point that the sister became so worried and took Sani to the police station where they reported the native doctor…


The DCOP told the media. Check out the photos below to know more…


 Native doctor arrested in Kano after he allegedly hypnotized a man and asked him to bring a newborn baby for rituals (video)


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