Police Arrest Lady Who Claimed A Chief Was Sacrificing Humans To His Village Gods

Couple of days ago, Gossips24.com reported on video which went viral on social media. The video communicated that a chief was allegedly sacrificing humans to his gods.

The one filming was a lady who spoke while filming the activity, claiming the chief of Hemang was sacrificing an innocent boy to pacify his gods.

This sparked the anger of Ghanaians and called for the chief to be arrested and dealt with.

Chief Was Sacrificing Humans

Minutes after, it turned out later that the chief of Hemang was rather sacrificing a goat not a human being as said by the lady in the viral video.

Well, reports reaching Gossips24.com indicates the lady who filmed the event has been arrested by the Ghana Police Service.

She was charged with defamation and causing fear and panic.

See her picture below:

Chief Was Sacrificing Humans
She Claimed The Chief Was Sacrificing Humans
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