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Funny Face finally apologizes to his baby mama after fooling on the internet for weeks (video)

Funny Face and his baby mama’s drama is like a telenovela written by Hollywood’s Quentin Tarantino and been perfectly played by the casts.

For the past few weeks, Funny Face has bathed in the mud on the internet with the conception that Maame Yeboah Aseidu is the one behind his marital woes.

Assuming his insults on the baby mama and Maame Yeboah was not enough, the comic actor went a step further by insulting the family and entire generation of his lover and even alleged that Vanessa is a weed smoker and a prostitute.

The self-tagged Van Damme who is as weak as nylon has finally realized that he was only acting like an angry rebel who is set to face a death penalty thus his actions were parallel with common sense.

In a new post sighted on his IG page by a reporter at Gossipos24.com, Funny face shared an old video he recorded with his twins and captioned it with a lengthy message centered around forgiveness from his baby mama. family, fans and the entire of Ghana at large.

Take a look at the post below to know more..

Source: Gossips24.com

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