Plastic Surgery Is Not A Sin, A Big Butt Will Help You Keep Your Man – Bishop Obinim urges

Bishop Obinim who once disclosed that he has the power to give women big butts, has advised women to undergo plastic surgery aimed at enhancing their body so no woman can steal their man.

In his sermon founder of International God’s way church also stated that the usage of birth control pills and condoms, sexual stimulants, artificial hair, artificial nails, breast and butt enhancers are not sins as opposed to the doctrines of most Christian faith.

Bishop Obinim who advised women to undergo plastic surgery so woman can steal their man, added that any woman who sits back and watches another woman take her husband or boyfriend with her bigger butt and boobs is foolish. The Ghanaian Pastor who stated that anyone who has reservations to plastic surgery is an ignorant fool as God gave white people this knowledge so that they can help perfect the imperfect human, further told female members of his church to fix artificial nails and hair to make them more attractive.

Obinim who claimed that Christians have brainwashed themselves to thinking everything is a sin when it is not, added that taking after morning after pills after sexual intercourse is not a sin. He further said he will advise people to take morning after pills, rather than have an abortion.

He also told male members of his church to buy sex stimulants, to enable them last longer in bed. According to him, they should be able to satisfy their woman if they fortified themselves with herbal sexual stimulants which he highly recommended.


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