PHOTOS – Social Media Users Blast Pope Skinny For Posting ‘Coins’

Hey! If you ever make some cash in life, please keep it to yourself, never post it on social media for hype else you might get roasted like Pope Skinny.

Celebrated Akuapem rapper, Pope Skinny after taking a break from music for a while now posted a photo of himself relaxed in a bed of money.

Pope Skinny, we are made to believe, has caught a new mugu for he has been seen flying around without a ”purpose”.

In a new photo that has got his followers and social media users come all out at him on the glam app, Instagram, the artiste posted bundles of cedis which he allegedly earned from his cafe job.

But some social media users have reacted to his photo asking him to pull it down and hide his ‘coins’ because he is nowhere near rich.

In the post he wrote; “Respect Your Girlfriend Because We All Want Her And We Are Better Than You. But She Chose You”

Pope Skinny
Pope Skinny’s post on Instagram

Here are comments and reactions from some followers of the artiste.


Ofui 🔥😂😂😂 u ain’t better than anyone. Don’t let coins make noise in your ears cos ppl got billions and still on down ball, Cos we are better that why our girlfriends choose us not you 😂😂


Sometimes I wonder if this dude is really from Akuapem ooh naa smh



Better than who? Why are you having 4 legs or 7 dicks ,my Frnd next time say something sensible.


Man @popeskinnyghAdey like your matter waaa buh this coins you for nor post am …you be public figure such stuffs nor dey fi u talkless of cedis 😂


Masa go hide that fiaaaaa Ghc57,000. That money over there can’t take care of any of the instagram girls here except those who wanna eat for just 3 days. Wise up, work n make real money, me de3 I like u fri tete
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