Photos of how Ahmed Suale’s killers look like released

The Criminal Investigative Department of Ghana has released identical photos of alleged killers of the investigative journalist, Ahmed Hussein Suale.

Two artistic impressions of the killers are officially out in the public domain for identification and probably arrest.

You will recall that a group of assassins took the life of Ahmed Suale on January 16, 2019 after they shot him in the neck and on the chest three times dying instantly on the spot.

Mr Hussein-Suale, known for his use of hats and colorful veils to protect his identity, was a renowned investigative journalist who worked tirelessly to expose corruption in Ghana.

 Artistic impression of Ahmed Hussein-Suale's killers released

In a series of television interviews on 29 and 30 May 2018, a member of the Ghanaian parliament, Kennedy Agyapong, revealed Mr Hussein-Suale’s identity and called on the public to attack him. He also gave information on the neighbourhood where Mr Hussein-Suale lived.

The next moment was his death.

Anas Coalition in a Facebook post released the artist’s impression of the two men who allegedly murdered his colleague.

The Coalition wrote,

“Tomorrow will mark exactly one year since the assassination of Ahmed Hussein-Suale, one of Tiger Eye’s investigators. He was shot and killed by assailants on a motorbike while driving in his neighborhood in January barely six (6) months after premiering of Number12, a documentary, Ahmed was a key producer on. Artist impression of the two men who allegedly murdered Ahmed Suale. Anyone with knowledge of their whereabouts could kindly volunteer such information to the security services.

Meanwhile, the brother of the deceased journalist has expressed his disappointment in the security services and the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia led NPP administration for not doing enough to bring the perpetrators to book.

In an interview with Accra based Citi FM, Ibrahim Kamilu Tahidu said the Attorney General does not even remember the date his brother Ahmed Hussein-Suale was murdered.

“In fact, the family is very disappointed in the security services and the government itself. It looks like they are not interested in the case. After all the noise, have you heard of anything again? And have you heard of any government official discussing it again? Even [in parliament] the Attorney General could not remember the date my brother was assassinated. Doesn’t that alone ring a bell that the government is not interested in our case?” he asked.

See Their Identity Below:

 Artistic impression of Ahmed Hussein-Suale's killers released

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