Patapaa’s girlfriend reveals she never gave birth to twins

According to Queen Peezy, Patapaa’s girlfriend known in real life as Gabriella Kotei, she got pregnant at one point in time but had a miscarriage two months later.

“I was pregnant but not with twins. After two months of the pregnancy I had a miscarriage,” she said.

Queen Peezy also disclosed that there was no truth in the allegation that she is dating Patapaa because of his money.. Queen Peezy noted that she had been dating Patapaa for a long time before he shot to fame with his ‘One Corner’ song.

“I would have dated Patapaa even if he was not rich and famous like he is now,” she stressed.

In addition, Queen Peezy said that her love for Patapaa is deep because the musician is good in bed.Queen Peezy also hinted that she and Patapaa will be tying the knot soon to become husband and wife.

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