MORE FILLA! Patapaa’s German Girlfriend Has A Child With Another Man

Badluck strikes after Patapaa dropped photos of himself and his new white girlfriend on her birthday and her fame with him will soon be dead as an Instagram user keeps on revealing damning secrets about her.

Just some few minute ago, reported on a post made on Instagram in which the user alleged that Patapaa’s girlfriend has been chopped by several musicians.

According to the user with the name ‘nogokpopowers‘, Patapaa’s girlfriend, Liha Miller has a daughter whose name was given as Angel.

The blogger wrote;

“Patapaa’s German girlfriend is born 1…Asanteman go talk born wain.::::::::%%%%%Patapaa has a step Pekin her name be Angel.::::::Somebody should kindly tell Patapaa to look sharp then marry the gurl quick quick quick”
Patapaa’s German Girlfriend

The blogger added that R2bees is next in-line, what should we expect?

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