Not Even Women Can Separate Us – Keche after 10yrs

IN September this year, music duo Keche, made up of Joshua Ampah and Andrew Cudjoe, will be 11 years in the music industry, a journey they say has not been easy but has been enjoyable. 

In light of music groups splitting all over the place, Keche must be commended for staying together all these years and the young men tell Showbiz that nothing can separate them, having overcome all the things that are likely to break up a group.

For now we don’t see anything breaking Keche up because we have been able to conquer all the things that are likely to break a group. We used to have serious issues with money and women but we have been able to thrash out our differences,” Andrew said.

According to him, they have made a vow to keep the brand Keche because it is the name that feeds individuals. 

“We see Keche as a company and it is the reason we are where we are now. Once you value the company you work with and give it all the necessary attention it needs, it will definitely survive. Keche will last forever because we have not even thought of breaking up anytime soon,” he said.

On their advice to the other groups, Joshua said he wishes they would put aside their differences and solve issues when they arise.

“We have not even gotten to a stage where a third party comes in to solve our issues because we always find a way of dealing with it. As humans there will always be misunderstandings but how you come out of them is what matters,” he said.

About three weeks ago, Keche signed a new contract with Golden Empire Legacy and the duo said they are happy with the deal.

“We are putting in our best to make sure that Golden Empire Legacy made the right decision by investing in the Keche brand. We are grateful for the deal and we won’t disappoint,” Joshua said.

The group has a new song Odo which is receiving good reviews on social media. The video for Odo, which premiered last Saturday on 4Styte TV, was shot in Dubai. 

Keche released their first radio single in 2008 tilted Omogemi. They followed up with Ring My Bellfeaturing Sarkodie the following year and they have not stopped since then. They have hit songs like Pressure, Sokode, Slow Motion, Aluguntugui, Diabetes and more.

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