Not All Politicians Are Leaders – Wode Maya

Facts as said by most of his followers as they commented on Wode Maya’s new twitter post saying not all politicians are leaders.

Most politicians, especially those in Africa, Ghana to be precise, have no leadership skills. They do not think about the welfare of the people they are serving, but all they think about is fulfilling their political dream and making a lot of properties out of it for their unborn generation.

Ghana’s most subscribed YouTuber kn twitter wrote:

Not all politicians are Leaders!

And his followers commented, saying:

@Maxi100Billion: They are never leaders, and I mean all of them. They are thieves

@Jamesackomah80: The truth hurt. Major example is our president. He isn’t on top of issues at all 😅🤣😅

@itplug_gh: A lot of greedy thieves in suits..

@Ama_Kodesh: Some are not even qualified to be politicians


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