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Nose Mask Is Killing US Than Covid19-Traders In Madina Market Lament to Government

Ghanaian citizens are no longer wearing the nose mask especially in the capital city of Ghana due to the notion that the Corona virus no longer exist.

Traders at the market are claiming in an interview with Ghana news Agency that the nose mask is making life unbearable for them and pose danger to their health.

A trader at Madina Market said boldy that she is fed up and will no longer continue to wear the nose mask. Other traders also came up with rather flimsy excuses that the nose mask is making their customers fail to notice them since it covers alomost all part of the face.

Current reports show that only few people in Ghana are adhering to the mandatory wearing of mask as compared to the previouse majority

A plea has therefore been meted out by these traders to the government to reconsider the mandatory wearing of nose mask since the Corona Virus is in a recession state

Source: Gossips24.Com

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