Nogokpo Gods Are Not That Powerful – Apostle Solomon Amede Claims (Video)

Popular Prophet and Apostle Solomon Amede, in the latest revelation on Kingdon FM, has revealed that the popular shrine in Ghana, Nogokpo, is not as powerful as we think.

Nogokpo has become the talk of the town in recent days after Ghanaian socialite Afi Schwarzenneger shared footage of herself in the township of Nogokpo preparing to go to do her own business there.

However, Prophet Amede revealed that the Nogokpo gods are not poerful by saying:

“Today, I’m exposing the Nogokpo Shrine’s greatest secret. Do you have any idea how they work? They have power over only those who believe in them. They are powerless to harm any God-fearing person. That is the key. I don’t believe in them, and they will never have any power over me. “

“I went to my family’s residence in the Volta Region once. I drove my automobile on their lesser deity, which they had planted. My brother informed me that I had driven over a strong object. I demanded that he show me where that lesser deity was located. I drove over it for the second time on my way back to Accra at high speed. It couldn’t harm me the way Nogokpo could. 

Watch the video below:


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