Nigeria’s millionaire businessman gifts his workers cars on his birthday

Nigerian millionaire businessman, Emeka Okonkwo, popularly known as E-Money has gifted his staff cars to celebrate his birthday.

E-Money is the head of Nigerian company Five Star Group and is one of the social media millionaires who can’t spend a day without flaunting their wealth.

Yesterday happened to be his birthday and he decided that the best way to spend the day is to dash free cars to his staffs who have helped him become the rich man he is.

He wrote:

“It’s my birthday!!!!What better way to celebrate than to bless some of the people who have been keeping my business going… Thanks to this amazing staff of the Fivestar group for all that they do,and my chef wasn’t left out also.
Remember to be diligent in all that you do because your hard work will surely pay off one day. We will also be recruiting a lot of people this year into the Fivestar Group. The company is expanding and we need more hands on deck. We all have a collective responsibility of growing the Nigerian economy and we will continue to do what we can in our own little way… Stay tuned for details on how to apply…”

Check out photos of the donation below..

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