Nigerian Blogger Blessing Okoro Arrested By Onye Eze

Nigerian blogger Blessing Okoro arrested by Onye Eze after she claimed to own a house that wasn’t hers – apparently belonged to the Nigerian billionaire who is based in China

Instagram blogger, Okoro Blessing popularly known as Blessing CEO has been arrested for pretending to own a house which isn’t hers.

Blessing Okoro was reported by the actual owner, Onye Eze, after Blessing ‘stole his house’ and passed it off as hers on her birthday earlier this month.

A few weeks ago, Blessing took to her page to show off a newly completed 7-bedroom mansion which she claimed to have built.

According to her, she started building the edifice 8 years after her ex-husband sent her packing out of his house.

She further said that she gathered the stones thrown at her by her ex-husband and used those exact stones in building herself the mansion.

Blessing Okoro posing by the house

She posted the photo above a few weeks ago and wrote;

23rd May 1989 I was born. I am 30 years today. I am that blessing you hear about. A child of grace. Happy birthday to me

A few weeks later she was apprehended as it appears that the house she claimed to be hers belongs to an Igbo Billionaire who lives in China.


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