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Nengi Reveals how Her Mother Suffered to Cater For Her While her Father was Absent

Nengi has revealed that her father was not there for her so her mother single-handedly suffered to take care of her.

It is quite a norm that fathers are usually absent from their children’s lives and Nengi’s story is no different.

The former BBnaija housemate has therefore attributed her current status to the dedication and hardwork of her mother. She mentioned how sad it was that her mother passed away right when things were beginning to fall in place.

She said ; “My dad was never really there. I can count the number of times I saw him. So I grew up with my mother and she was the only one I knew. She struggled to take care of me but the love between us is deep. Even when we didn’t have anything, I was always happy. We would be in our house and manage our lives. However, she died when things were becoming good” 

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