Nana Tea Does It Again As He Helps Yam Seller With A New Shop, Promises To Help 20 More People (+PHOTOS)

Ghanaian Philanthropist and Social Media Influencer, Nana Tea has once again won the hearts of Ghanaians with his acts of kindness.

Nana Tea together with a few friends and CEO of Haniqo Construction came together to build a small shop for a woman who used to sell fried yam in the hot sun.
Nana Tea wrote on Facebook;

McCarthy hills
About some few weeks ago, madam Regina Allotey posted on TIA that she needed table and umbrella for her fried yam business. I went there to verify her story and truly, she was selling on the scorching sun. We had some people reaching to help her get her an umbrella and the table. From the beginning, we made a metal table so later we can roof it instead of the umbrella. CEO of Haniqo Construction contacted both of us, he wanted finish what’ve started(roofing of the metal table)since his company will be celebrating 5years anniversary this month . To our uttermost shockprize😳😳 this is what we got from his company. What God cannot do does not exist ❤️🙏
We’ve also got her gas cylinder, plastic chairs ,stove , frying pan etc for her business all because of you guys🙏🙏God bless each and everyone ❤️❤️for making it possible. It was donated in Tell it all’s name. We made it guys. Someone will smile coz of us all.
Pls , her location is not busy at all, we are looking for a hotspot for her business to grow, so if you can get us a place around mallam junction, we will be grateful. TIA I trust una
Haniqo construction … this is beautiful.
20 needy people will soon be sorted with the same Pergola shops across the country. Keep your fingers crossed”.

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