Nana Kwaku Bonsam slams Pope Skinny for alleging that Ebony’s hometown gods killed her because of l3sbianism

Popular Ghanaian fetish priest, Nana Kwaku Bonsam has savagely descended on Pope Skinny for his infamous trending comments with regards to the death of Ebony Reigns which has been a national topic ever since it landed on the internet.

During the weekend, Pope Skinny wildly alleged in a self-made video which he shared on his social media handles that the late dancehall diva was his girlfriend who dumped him to become a lesbian.

Speaking on Happy FM, Nana Kwaku Bonsam rubbished Ebony’s lesbian tag and also cautioned by Pope Skinny to be careful of passing negative comments about dead people.

He said;

When someone dies, you need not disgrace them or tarnish their reputation. Ghanaians need to be careful not to tarnish the image of people after they die. When Ebony died,we heard different versions of her death story so if Ebony was a lesbian and that is what killed her, why didn’t he come out all this while to say it?” Bonsam wondered on Happy Fm.

Why is it that for three years, you kept that information till now that this whole issue about gays and lesbians has come up? If you know people who are alive and are gay, mention their names so that they can confirm or refute but not someone who is dead. Were you there when she was doing her lesbianism?

He added that he was once in a VIP bus with Ebony who was with her boyfriend so he knows first hand that she’s not a lesbian.

I knew Ebony very well and I won’t lie about such an issue but I am just disappointed in Pope Skinny for what he said. Such allegations should not be made especially about a deceased


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