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MzBel Begged To Sleep With My House-girl’s Boyfriend – Afia Schwarzenegger leaks chat

The feud between Afia Schwarzenegger and MzBel seems to be getting dirty as the days go by, and it is actually not funny at all.

The two started their brawl after their sweet friendship turned sour. Since then, Afia Schwarzenegger has been leading the attack throwing shots at MzBel.

Just yesterday, shared a video in which MzBel angrily called Afia Schwar a dwarf using all sorts of unprintable words to address the comedienne.

Now Afia is back in the game as she refuses to let the insults go away, and this time around, her attack is stronger than the previous ones.

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Afia has alleged that MzBel once upon a time, wanted the boyfriend of a house-help under the shelf of Afia Schwar to chop her for cash.

Afia backed her allegation with a screenshot.

Afia Schwarzenegger took to her Facebook page to share the chat with the caption;

“When people are talking they forget where they fucked up…I will leave this here n explain the rest on my YouTube channel Schwar TV..And oh you are quick to grant an interview on me…have you spoken to Castro’s family Mzbel???
Why were you lying abt my boyfriend’s number,why didn’t you tell the whole world how you were begging me n my man to ask his friend who was dating Dede your househelp to sleep with you becos of money…
You are such a foolish useless old woman!!!!!”

Check the screenshot below:

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MzBel Begged To Sleep With My House-girl's Boyfriend - Afia Schwarzenegger leaks chats

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