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#EndSars: ”I’m sorry, I don’t have a choice; Military man tells Omotola with guns pointed at her

Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade Ekiende has shared a touching story of an encounter she had previously in protest with a military man.

According to her, it was a a decade ago where she had her life flashed before her eyes in Abuja.

She explained that a military man had his guns pointed at her but stood her grounds without fears. Instead, she was mad at the military man no choice but to obey orders from above.

This is how she went by explaining her ordeal.


“10 years After and we are still fighting. I remember when we took the fight to Abuja during the #EiE protest . They pointing guns at us and I remember for a second, my life flashed before my eyes. But! … instead of Fear, I got Mad.

Some Anger I didn’t even know existed took over me, I charged at towards them and their guns and shouted ! Do you know we fight for you? We fight for your children and children’s children unborn?! One of the military close to tears then said “I’m sorry , I don’t have a choice.

10 years After, that Anger is still there but today , I hope we all have a choice to say … F it! Enough! #endpolicebrutality #ReformNigeria #TiredofbeingTired”


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