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My girlfriend left me for another man after losing my job because of her – Man weeps

A man is grieving woefully over his failed relationship and work after sacrificing his job security for a woman he love.

The man run to relationship counselor Abena Magis Manokekame to seek some advice on what to do because the pain was eating him up severely.

According to him, he lost his well-paying job because of his girlfriend only for her to leave him for another man.

He told lengthy story of his relationship with the ex-girlfriend and what led to his unfortunate break up.

Read his full account below:

Hi Abena, am really losing it and I need advice from your audience.

I have been dating a lady I met In church for one and half years. I was 35 years and she was 30 years. I had a job that was really paying me good, so things were really going on well with as.

She traveled to Kumasi one weekend to attend to family issues, and called me Monday morning that a company called her around 8 am to attend an interview at 2pm in Kumasi so I should send her documents, I was already on my way to represent the company I worked for at a tender opening at GPHA. Because of her, I had to return home to pick the documents to OA Station at Circle for the documents to be delivered to her in Kumasi.

Knowing the traffic in town on Mondays, by the time I got to Tema, the meeting had ended. I went back to the office, prepared a report as if everything went well at the meeting.

Two weeks later, my superiors got to know I wasn’t at the tender opening because they had an insider who was part of the tender committee and so I made the company lose a substantial contract. My appointment was therefore terminated. It became difficult getting another job so I had to join Nabco to keep body and soul together. We were cohabitating which she didn’t like because Church members do visit, so I had to rent for her and furnish the room for her.

The day she moved into her rented place, that was the day she invited her so called boyfriend from Kumasi and told me it’s over between us and that she accepted to date me because she realized I could be of help to her. Am really losing it , after making me lose my lucrative job. Please I need serious advice. I just wish the earth will open up and swallow me. Sorry for the long post.”

See his post below;

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