The production is a Christian and inspirational slum film. Max is a slum guy who leaved with his kid sister Akorfa in the slum after their dad drove them with their mum out of their home which lead to the death of their mum.
Hardship kept knocking at their door which made him believe nothing good can ever come out of them.
He then formed a gang of 5, including a small boy and a lady. They involved themselves in all kinds of bad ghetto lifestyle which led them to so much trouble. Despite his bad lifestyle, Max will do anything possible to keep his sister safe from trouble.
Akorfa was also one church girl who was doing everything possible so her brother can change and live a righteous life.
The Zongo Where I Come From is set to premiere this April.
Date: 20th April 2019
Venue: Osu Eben-ezer Presbyterian Hall
Time: 6:30pm and 9pm
Rate: Gh¢30
“Life is short, if you got one, live wisely”.
Written, Directed and Produced by Richard Agyei Kwabi (Cosby Blinkz).
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