MTN Momo Fraudster Calls Ayigbe Edem On Phone; How He Reacted Will Make Your Day (video)

MTN Momo fraudsters seem to be targeting big fishes nowadays.

Mostly, their victims are people who aren’t well informed on how they go about their tricks.

If care is not taken, they will outsmart you like many other victims have been outsmarted.

These fraudsters have upgraded. The new upgrade comes in a form of a call from MTN service center. They will then ask you to follow set of instructions which will at the end get you victimized.

A momo fraudster tried her skills on Rapper Edem, yes, not a male, per the voice it was a female fraudster.

Appearing as a ‘trojan horse’, she asked Edem to follow some commands, but the rapper was too smart enough and in the end the momo fraudster was left with no option than to insult Edem.


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