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Ms Esther Cobbah: Embrace Diversity and Explore Solutions That Ensure Business Sustainability despite COVID-19 Trials

Ms Esther Cobbah, Founder, Strategic Communications Africa Limited (Stratcomm Africa), has pronounced on companies to improve communication tacts that will empower them to traverse cultural obstacles.

Ms Cobbah said that was expressly critical for businesses, which explored to ascend cultures to touching possible clients.

Speaking at the third Stanford Seed Transformation Network (STN) 2020 Business Conference, on the theme: “Embracing Forced Change within Diverse Cultures.”

She said there had to be recognized, especially by the leadersh ip of businesses, of the substance to be obtained from such procedures rather than hope that customers would willingly acquire what the company had to offer because it was good.

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The gathering was to enable businesses to welcome diversity and seek resolutions that would ensure business sustainability and accomplishment despite the COVID-19 challenges and also discuss the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and its entanglementsfor businesses.

She said businesses gave more recognition to the “hard” features of the business – the financials, the operations and the engineering related to that – than the “soft” aspects, like communication.

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“The communication needs of various constituents are often not considered a central part of a business, for instance,” she said.

The Communications Specialist said the COVID-19 pandemic had also put a spotlight on the importance of communication in nations, communities, and organisations across the diverse cultures of the world.

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