Mother abandons 3 kids to die in a fire outbreak

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) is blaming the mother of the three (3) Children burnt to death in a fire outbreak for the fatalities.

About an hour ago, reports went rife that a fire outbreak have taken the lives of three siblings.

Age four (4), two(2), & a year old all got burnt to death in what we call domestic fire outbreak.

The heartbreaking incident occurred Thursday night around 10:45 pm in a house at California a suburb of the municipality.

After several investigations, officials of GNFS in the Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai Municipality, have disclosed that the woman abandoned the kids when the fire started & went out to call for help upon returning they notice the fire had engulfed the entire room.

“Our investigation, she saw the fire but decided to go out to call other neighbors to come and help her by that time the husband was not there in the room so she was sleeping with these three children on the bed.

But she went out to wake up her sister then they started calling her husband to come and assist them to put out the fire. 

By the time the Husband came, the fire has engulfed the whole place so the husband collapsed upon entry and they pulled him out that was the point we came in and put out the fire.

“All the three children died.she could have done possibly better by bringing out the Children” -Joseph Amehere,

the Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai Municipal Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) Commander lamented.

“Around 10:45 pm we had a call that one Monica Dugan’s house was on fire so we rushed there and arrived at 10:48 pm.

After sizing up the situation we extinguished the fire. It involved a two-bedroom house.

The woman managed to escape but all the three children lost their lives”. Municipal Fire Commander explained.

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