Most Artistes Are Ungrateful – Rapper E.L comments on Strongman leaving Sarkcess Music

Rapper E.L has indirectly reacted to the infamous Strongman and Sarkodie’s managerial issue by stating emphatically that he’s not ready to manage any artiste now because they tend to become ungrateful when they finally make it. 

The ‘Obuumo’ hitmaker revealed that although several up and coming artistes are knocking on his door daily, he’s not willing to receive any of them because he can’t risk his career for another person only to be stabbed in the back later.

“I am not ready to go through all this drama that comes with managing another artiste. I have so many artists knocking on my door to manage them but I am just not ready for that now”.

“Although some of them are very talented, I decline because there are a lot of things I want to achieve in the music career that I haven’t achieved yet,” he told Showbiz.

“Very few of them are grateful when you lift them up there. The majority forget that you have ever done something for them when they make it.

“Can you imagine an artiste putting his career on hold and helping another artiste only for that person to be ungrateful in future,” he said.

He said all he does now is to give guidelines on how these new artistes can make it and linking them up with the right people.

“I have connected a few artistes I know are talented to other people who I believe can move their career to the next level. But for me to manage another artiste is a no no,” he said.

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