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More details on how Nana Ama Mcbrown’s husband cheated on her with a politician surface online

Mona Gucci is truly at work and wholeheartedly working overtime to disgrace and humiliate Nana Ama Mcbrown just like how she exposed her terrible lies on live TV last Saturday.

At the moment, the Kantanaka TV host is mercilessly dragging Nana Ama Mcbrown’s name and hard-earned reputation through the mud.

Prior to this new twist of event, Mona Gucci, out of anger for being  embarrassed and shamed on McBrown’s show, came out with her own allegations against the UTV presenter, claiming that her husband has impregnated her own best friend.

A new development has popped up citing from Nigeria’s notorious IG blogger Cuty Julls page.

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Cuty claims that McBrown’s husband never slept with McBrown’s friend as is being claimed by Mona Gucci.

However, she dropped her own allegation which wildly asserts that he was once in a romantic relationship with a top female politician

Read the post below to know more…

Just a quick one. Ghana please let’s call a spade a spade.

Yes Sister Ama’s husband, Bro Max likes women and it’s no news. But he is not responsible for Nyonyo’s pregnancy. He’s not and never had any sexual affair with Nyono. Your American lawyer got it wrong.

The only popular person that got pregnant for Bro Max which was a long time. Even b4 Nana became pregnant is a politician. It’s not Nyonyo. Even that pregnancy was terminated. That politician was never even a friend to Nana Ama. Their paths obvioulsy crossed and Max was deeply in love and all that. But God saved Nana’s marriage. Nana fought for her marriage with full chest. She just didn’t do the social media brouhara. She went all out for her marriage but not on social media.

Lawyer US was impatient in her bid to disgrace Nana so she didn’t get the story right. Please it’s not Nyonyo.


Stay tuned for more on this ‘earthquake revelations.

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