Menzgold Will Bounce Back And Every Investor Will Get Paid – Akoo Nana assures customers

Aggrieved customers of Menzgold Ghana have been demonstrating here and there since the collapse of what has been described as many as a ‘ponzi scheme’, Menzgold.

With the embattled CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah, allegedly behind bars in Dubai, customers in spite of their rants haven’t been assured by the CEO as to whether they are getting their money today or tomorrow – or maybe never.

Well, one campaign manager of NAM1 during his glory days was musician Akoo Nana, who has re-branded to Narna.

In an interview with Hitz FM’s KMJ today, 25th February, 2019, Akoo Nana, expressed his faith in the embattled CEO, who has been ignored by people he signed himself. The musician is of the believe that the gold collectible firm will settle all of it debts and bounce back to operate as it used to.

“I still have faith that things are still going to work out, I still have that faith. What I want to tell everybody is lets keep calm and keep supporting cos everything is coming back, trust me….”

He added that the investors should stay calm and desist from demonstrating which will not yield any result.

“Everybody has a way that he or she handles things… When we keep calm and we all support, we will get somewhere with it, but when we come out, get peeved and go on a demonstration, we put it on a different level now. But I have believe that things will get settled and people will get paid”

Last year, it was rumoured that Akoo Nana was going to be signed onto Zylofon Music by NAM1, but the deal never saw light. The musician is currently signed onto the Money Making  Movement.


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