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Men Who Sleep Around With Small Girls Lose Their Willpower – Female Counselor

Men who sleep around with small girls lose their power to rule, according a renowned marriage counselor, Dr Mrs Charlotte Oduro.

According to the counselor most men have lost their power because they are under the command of ‘small girls’. She warned that any man who is in the habit of going after ‘school girls’ loses his power gradually.

“The reason most of the men have lost their power is because they listen to women. They have allowed small girls to use their shade and are controlling them. Most of the men have lost their power. Abraham allowed Sarah to dictate to him that go marry your maid”, captured

According to her, Abraham was not ready to marry and sleep with his maid same as in the case of if who convinced Adam to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

“Men have lost their power because they have given it to the women to rule. The more you sleep around the more you lose your power as a man. The more a man cheats, his power to rule is gone. The more you cheat you give the power to young girls to control you…you can see a small girl who is controlling 70 or 67-year-old man”,

she revealed on Accra-based Hitz Fm
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