Meet Marie Josiane A Lady Who Is Married To A Twin Brothers

A very surprising incident is said to have taken place after a young lady whose name was identified as Marie Josiane was said to have gotten married to two male twins who she claimed she fell in love with after staying with both of them.

According to her she first got married to the elder twin due to the rate at which he kept taking good care of her and making her feel like a princess but since they were staying with the younger twin who also reciprocated the acts been done by his elder brother she again fell for the other one.

Marie speaking revealed that due to the intensive nature at which she loves both of them there is nothing like hate or envy between the two brothers hence they have been able to stay together for two years and still counting.

The lady when asked if people are not against her relationship with the two brothers revealed that they love themselves soo much to the extent that they turn a deaf ear to the worlds of the people in the village.

She further revealed that when it comes to how she is able to satisfy both brothers in bed she revealed that they have come to an agreement so they each know when they can have access to her and they are cool with it.


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