Meet 7-Month-Old Baby Who Has Supernatural Powers To Heal Sick People-Video

A seven-month-old Baby whose name has been withheld is said to be born with supernatural powers which allows her to heal anyone that is sick.

Mother of the child, who shared more lights on her daughter revealed that her daughter was born with a disability that made her the talk of the community where she was born.

According to the mother, her daughter was born without knees just two fingers and four toes so people always considered her as an evil child until now that they realized that she has spiritual powers so they call her Doctor.

Speaking about how she got to find out about the powers of her daughter she revealed that she one day was feeling a headache which immediately vanished upon she carrying her daughter and from that moment she tried it on people who told her they were sick and they also experienced the same thing.

Watch the video below;

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