Medikal finally closes his chapter with Sister Derby (video)

Looks as if Ghanaian rapper, Samuel Adu Frimpong, alias Medikal has finally decided to close Sister Derby’s chapter in his life.

We all know Medikal and Sister Derby at a point in time were the most enviable Ghanaian celebrities as their relationship was the talk of town until their sudden break up.

Even after staying together for a year and eight months, the duo were in the news on several occasions over what existed between them as the media dug deep into their lives to find out what exactly caused their sudden break-up.

Though Derby has been on a confession spree, Medikal has chosen to stay mute and what happened on Hitz FM today is a clear indication that he is done with Derby and would never mention her name on any occasion.

Perhaps you may deem it as his respect for an ex-girlfriend, but here is what happened in his interview today.

Medikal: I don’t want to talk about Sister Derby.

Andy Dosty: I thought y’all were cool?

Medikal: Next question.

WATCH MDK’s Interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM today:

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