Martha Ankomah reveals how she been able to stay away from scandals throughout her career in the movie industry (Video)

Accomplished and esteemed Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah, has finally disclosed how she has been able to maintain her reputation by staying away from senseless controversies and scandals through out her acting career.

During an interview with Emelia Borbbey, Martha Ankomah revealed that she has always submitted herself to God and followed his directions in the Holy scriptures.

She said;

The only person I can give credit to is God. I am not perfect, I have my flaws apart from the grace of God factor, I try to keep to myself because you will never know who is planning evil against you. Even the Bible says we should be vigilant like the snake, that helps a lot.

Talking about marriage and acting, Martha Ankomah also submitted that she doesn’t believe the marriages of actors and actresses hit the rocks because of their profession but rather she’s much convinced their personal characters which influence the collapse of their relationships.

It all depends on how you carry yourself. You can still act and find a husband, a lot of people in the industry have successful marriages. It is not just in Ghana, it’s same in Nollywood, Hollywood and the rest

Kindly watch the video below to know more..


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