Man Who Nearly Died In Road Accident Weds Nurse Who Helped Him Recover

An accident which was supposed to be a bad omen for one man has turned out to be a big blessing for him.

Not only has he recovered from the life-threatening injuries he suffered but he walked away from the hospital with a woman who has now become his wife.

This is the love story of Anthony T-man C-J who was has married one of the nurses who looked after after being hospitalised for months because of a car accident.

According to report Isaac Newton Akah who shared the inspirational story on Facebook, Anthony had nearly died in an accident which saw him being hospitalised for months after undergoing five surgeries.

While at the hospital Anthony fell in love with a nurse called Vivian and they couple have married recently.

Newtown shared photos from the wedding of Anthony and the nurse.

Per the findings of, Anthony was travelling in September 2017 when the car he was in was involved in an accident in Ife in Nigeria.

Anthony suffered a fractured femur on the left leg and a deep gash on the right.

The story of Anthony and Vivian has garnered attention on social media with many congratulating the couple.

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