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Man takes a selfie with his best friend and wife after he caught them chopping themselves – Photos

There’s is a trending photo of a husband who walked into his matrimonial home to meet his best friend and his wife chopping themselves.

Instead of beating the friend or his wife, this man did the less imagined.

His move has gone a long to seriously and severely disgrace the two shameless thwarts. The man took out his phone and told the two infidels to pose, and then he took a selfie with them.

He is reported to have told the wife that the selfie will serve as evidence when he goes to report her to her family.

According to his neighbours, the man often went home with the best friend so the wife would cook for them, on his blind side, the friend was bonking the wife on top

Social media commentators are praising the husband’s self control while others said he is the wickedest person on earth and is capable of committing murder.

Kindly take a loom at the photos below to know more…

Source: Gossips24.com

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