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Lady narrates how a man who harassed her in the trotro gave her a knock on top after he alighted

What’s life without enigma? As hilarious as it sounds, it is also very sickening to hear a grown a$$ man behave such foolishly in the commercial bus.

According to this lady who couldn’t keep the ordeal, she endured in the trotro to herself alone but decided to share with her Twitter followers, a fully grown man whom she sat in the front seat of trotro with, nearly raped her if not for the presence of the commuters in the commercial bus.

As recounted by the disturbed lady, this man began rubbing his shoulders on her breasts’ after she declined his one-night stand offer.

Nyavor then moved to the back seat. The man whom I’m sure is mentally challenged gave her a knock after he alighted and took to his heels afterwards.

Check out the screenshot below to know more..

Source: Gossips24.com

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