Man Involved In Accident With Goats He Stole-Photos

A group of thieves who had gone on a stealing expedition has been involved in an accident after their vehicle collided with another car while on their way to sell the animals.

The thieves were said to have been onboard a Toyota Corolla (CR-1097-18) when they collided with a Toyota Highlander(GS-2098-19)  whiles been chased by the police who received a tip-off about their next mission.

According to reports the thieves who spotted the police been after them decided to double the speed of their car until they, unfortunately, got involved in an accident.

See images below;


May be an image of outdoors and tree
May be an image of car
May be an image of animal, outdoors and text that says '645-16 SHOT ON SMART 4 INFINIX CAMERA'
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