Man abandons his wife of 11 years in the hospital because he can’t live with a deformed wife

‘For better and for worse’. This is part of the vows people exchange on their wedding days. While many people uphold this vow, it appears that for some people, they are nothing but mere words.

This is exactly the case of a man who abandoned his wife of 11 years in the hospital after she had undergone a breast cancer surgery in which she had a mastectomy. According to the story shared by Twitter user, Zahra Zaraa Danejo, he didn’t want to stay with a deform woman.

She wrote: “Friend of mine had a mastectomy Cos of breast cancer and her husband of 11 years left her at the hospital because “he couldn’t stay with a deformed woman”.

She went on: “I get upset every time I think about it. “Deformed” like she was some piece of equipment that’s no longer useful. After 11 years he just discarded her like an old toy.

“I get even more upset when I think about how she would have been scorned and bullied if she was the one who left him in a hospital,after cancer surgery.”

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