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Mama Gee introduces new Pregnancy Medicine for Barren Women

Ghanaian trader Elizabeth Togbor popularly known as Mama Gee is taking her business to another level after being set free by the Police and Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

Few weeks ago, Mama Gee was reported freed after she was arrested for selling unlicensed health products to Ghanaians especially women as she was known for her effective husband-snatching charms for women.

Mama Gee in addition to her ‘juju’ love products, she has introduced a product which according to her is the solution to barrenness.

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According to the businesswoman, her new medicinal drink has the potency of giving women who are facing child-bearing problems to get impregnated.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, a very excited Mama Gee told host DJ Nyaami that she is extremely happy she is officially back and now selling pregnancy medicine for barren women.

“We are grateful we are back. That’s the most important thing now…I now have a new herbal mixture that has been approved by our regulators.

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This medicine is good for a woman who want to get pregnant or barren women. It’s simply a good medicine for every woman,” she revealed.

Watch the video below;


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