MAILS: Why was Kwaku Bonsam unable to see the future of Menzgold?

Our mails kept on buzzing after reports on several online portals captured Nana Kwaku Bonsam, a spiritualist in Ghana, in an interview with Kasapa FM who revealed that his GHC 50,000 is locked at Menzgold.

In the interview, Nana Kwaku Bonsam explained,

I was home when Afia Shwarznegger called me and I asked why then she said come with me to Menzgold let’s go and collect our money. At that time, the issues had not started so I told her to give me time to look into it first,” he said.

“I then quickly went there to take my money but I was given ¢350,000 and was told to come back another day for the remaining 50,000,”

To many readers who chanced on the story, its quiet funny how a so-called spiritualist who helps people to get rich and increase in wealth will invest in what one will term, “a ponzi scheme”.

In one of our mails, a reader asked, ” why was Kwaku Bonsam unable to tell the future of Menzgold?”, well, this is a question that we’ve also been trying to find answers to.

However, it appears the spiritualist can only see deaths, misfortunes and tragedies – nothing good – hence he was unable to see that Menzgold was one day going to collapse.

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