Lydia Forson Opens Up On Why Men Do Not Want Financially Independent Women

Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson in a new tweet reply, has condemned a man who thinks money does all for men in a relationship as she explains why men like to be with women who are not financially stable.

A man with a username, Jayythedope, wrote: 

Cheating is not where women draw the line, just don’t go broke.

Lydia Forson replied by saying:

This mindset is why many men don’t want financially independent women, it’s why y’all fought me for encouraging women to make their own money and not depend entirely on men. Lol. Because some believe money gives them control, power and automatic rights to a women.

Even worse is that it’s why many women stay in abusive relationships, especially those with children because they can’t afford to leave. The toxicity in this tweet is dangerous because it encourages even more men to weaponize money in a relationship.


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