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Lydia Forson of Ghana named as one of Desmond Elliot’s multiple mistresses

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According to famous Nigerian blogger Cutie Julls , Lydia Forson who is a Ghanaian Actress is allegedly one of the multiple mistresses of Desmond Eliot an entertainer turned politician in Nigeria.

Julls from whatever his sources are, made claims that Lydia was caught red handed with Desmond in a hotel in Lagos by the Nigerian member of parliament’s original wife.

These speculations sprouted mainly because Desmond could not keep his words to himself as he uttered in a post that the youth of Nigeria are filled with bitterness and hate, and for that matter called for regulation of social media.

His statement did not go down with his own celebrity friends and he surely got bashed by the Nigerian youths.

“Desmond Elliot is a proof that a young person could be the President of this country and still fail u” is the new anthem in Nigeria.

The popular Blogger Cutie Julls has called Desmond Elliot a pretender and a young man who sides with corrupt people and fails the masses.


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