Leila Djansi Attacks Ghanaian Women Who Bought Mama Gee’s Charm

Ghanaian and American filmmaker Leila Djansi stated how disappointed she is over the recent video where some girls were seen queuing in a shop to buy vaginal products that can charm and entice men.

According to the movie producer, she is saddened about the fact that girls who can work hard for a living are rather looking for easy ways to make money.

Leila Djansi stated that to these ladies, long fake hair, makeup, cars, designer clothes and several others are all there is to life.

She added that she doesn’t blame them for buying such concoctions because objectifies women as needy who are controlled by the man’s purse.

“Ahhh. What a sad week to be Ghanaian! I live in the US. I work in film and sell films every year. But I still opened a small bakery in Ghana. I did not study catering in a school. I taught myself how to make pastries. My mom used to make empanadas when I was 9yrs. That also stuck. That bakery makes enough to give me a comfortable life if I decide to go live in Ghana.

But, here are able-bodied girls, in a developing country, buying concoctions purported to attract men. Not men they love but men whose money they want. Use sex to control them. Their hands are not for hard work and their brains are not considering initiatives.

There are easier ways to make money, huh? It’s for long fake hair and nails and designer clothes, make up on fleek, a car and to them, that’s all there is to life. Easy come easy go.   Anyway, ladies! Carry on! No one will blame you. It’s what the patriarchy wants. The weak, needy woman who is controlled by the man’s purse. He pays her way so she can’t set him straight; she can’t shape him and make him into a better version of himself. He’s not looking for a partner, he wants a possession. You got tired of being possessed with no reward so you figured out a way monetize your position. Not your fault. Cos since men have learned to shoot without missing, you, oh pretty bird have learned how to fly without perching”, Leila DJansi opined.

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