Lady Reveals How She Prayed To God For Her Husband To Become Broke So He Shows Her Love

Whiles many women would pray for a man who has alll the money in the world, a young lady has revealed how she prayed for the lord to make her husband broke .

According to the lady whose name is yet to be identified, she really likes it more when his husband is broke as he tends to help in the house cores and even prays and act more like a christain.

She further revealed that whenever his husband gets a liuttle money in his pocket he then turns to be a whole different man and does not even come home at times.

The lady who has left many in a state of shock added that it is no use when you have a rich husband who doesnt care about you and the children but it is all bliss when you have a broke but caring and loving man who is always making sure the family is happy and in a good mood.

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