Lady accuses Wendy Shay of allegedly having a hand in Ebony’s death (Video)

It’s yet another day and these clout chasers will do anything for 2 minutes of fame. A renowned stylist has come out to courageously accused Wendy Shay of allegedly having a hand in Ebony‘s death.

According to Magdalene who is currently on an aggressive rant spree, Ebony’s death is not natural and some evil people including Wendy Shay are part of dark-hearted people who masterminded the early demise of the Dancehall diva.

Magdalene is Wendy Shay’s former personal stylist so it’s obvious she might be privy to some juicy info we at the outside world probably have no idea of.

In a self-made 30 seconds video that has taken over social media trends, Magdalene dared Wendy Shay to tell Ghanaians what she did to become famous and how she supposedly stabbed Ebony in the back.

She also threatened that Wendy Shay is about to see the real merciless part of her so she should swiftly and energetically brace herself for the main event which will ultimately crash her career.

Well, we don’t know much about what triggered Magdalene to suddenly decide to expose her former boss out of the blues but were are rest assured that the bottom of the matter will be uncovered very soon.

Meanwhile, ever since Wendy Shay pierced into the mainstream media, she has been blasted on more than a million occasions for trying to live in the shadows of Ebony.

Although she has always denied such claims but Ghanaians believe otherwise.

Stay tuned for more…


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